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Yashina Anna Aleksandrovna, Postgraduate student, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia),

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Background. The constitutional legal content of the institution of rehabilitation, based on a democratic vision of a problem of state responsibility and restoration of a person’s legal status, has not been yet completely defined. At the same time there has occurred a necessityof further development of the said institution within the scope and limits determined by the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Insufficient readiness of the basic principles of rehabilitation, their significance for legislation improvement in the given field have predetermined the topicality of the present problems. The aim of the work is to consider the main principles of the institution of rehabilitation in the Russian Federation, the system and content thereof.
Materials and methods. The research and conclusion were carried out on the basis of the analysis of the Russian Constitution, the federal legislation, literary sources and legal positions of the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation. The article uses the official statistical data, as well as mass media and online articles.
Results. It is proved that the system of rehabilitation principles includes the priority of human and citixen rights and freedoms; respect for personality value; the humanism principle; the justice principle; the legality principle; the equality principle; presumption of innocence; the principle of state protection of rights and freedoms; the principle of responsibility of the state for illegal actions (failure to act) of all bodies and officials. In the aggregate, the above mentioned constitutional prin-ciples of rehabilitation for the basis thereof, which acts as a foundation for improveement of legislative instructions, regulating the institution of rehabilitation, as well as law-enforcement.
Conclusions. In the course of the research it was proved that the constitutional principles of rehabilitation are the fundamentals, guidelines, ideas, as well as the regulations, fixed in the Constitution of the Russian Federation, on provision of restoration by the state of the human and citizen social, leagal, property and moral status due to acknowledgement of the actions (failure to act) by the public authority, including criminal and administrative prosecution, to be illegal and groundless. They are interconnected and interdependent, forming the system of fundamental principles of rehabilitation.

Key words

rehabilitation, rehabilitation principles, the State's responsibility, compensation for damage, Constitution of the Russian Federation.

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